New Copywriting Website!

We at Sentient Ink are delighted to announce that our new website is live!

We are professional copywriters, editors and proofreaders, providing bespoke services to companies big and small. From adverts to leaflets to building you a website from scratch, we can build your brand, attract new customers and grow your business.


Summer Update!

Sentient Ink Logo-01It’s been awhile since our last update, and exciting things are coming, so here is a run-down of what’s happening and what’s coming up on Sentient Ink.

Our Serial Novels.

For the uninitiated, we currently have two novels that we are serialising periodically here on Sentient Ink.

The first, The Bleak Streets of Carrada, is a collaboration between all three resident authors (D.C. Ward, Andy Wright and Chris Wright) and tells the story of a Jazz age city, corrupted by organised crime and under the fist of mafiosa kingpin Frankie Bray. A noir, urban-fantasy piece, it follows three characters, each written by a different author. Frankie is the don, the Godfather with an iron will and a secret weapon that gives him the edge – somehow, he always seems to know what’s coming for him. Joe is a rookie detective from the mean streets, who hates the mob and what it has done to his town, and is determined to find Frankie’s secret and bring him down. Ray is an up-and-comer in the mob, desperate to prove himself and ascend the ranks after a chance job gets him his in.

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Sentient Ink Logo-01We have lots in store for you, coming soon on Sentient Ink so here’s a bit of a sneak preview of what you’ll see next.

Andy Wright on Characters. (28/01/15)

We explore how to take that brilliant character from in your mind and place them on the page, fleshed out and fully-formed. How do you distinguish them from other characters in the eye of the reader? How do you make them memorable, compelling and yet well-formed and true to life? Well, we have a couple of ideas.

The Bleak Streets of Carrada – Chapter 3. (Thursday 29/1/15)

Bleak Streets is back and this time through the eyes of Frank Bray, the third and final of the POV characters. D.C. Ward takes the helm here, telling of a mob boss with curious abilities and power: the reigning Don of Carrada. A thrilling mafia tale in an alternate United States of the 1920s. Chapters 1 and Chapter 2 are already up, in case you haven’t seen. I write the story of Joe Fortey, a rookie detective going up against the mob, while Andy Wright tells of Ray Moreno, an up and coming gangster in Frankie Bray’s criminal family. It is a story told from three points of view, each written by a different writer, but it is one plot, one story and the characters inter-weave integrally. Continue reading

Welcome to Sentient Ink

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We are a collective of fiction authors, writing across all genres and styles. We’re new to the game and yet to be published but we offer free, high quality stories with regular updates of short stories, serialised novellas, novels, extracts and more. We will also be posting blogs on our journeys in writing and writing guides, rules and tips that we have picked up along the way.

Many a crazy evening has been spent by the Sentient Ink writers trawling the web, reading our books and asking bewildered strangers on the street how to write a story. Through our myriad adventures, we have picked up lots of little bits and pieces that all writers should know and opinions that some writers might just deign to hear and we’re bringing them all to you right here.

If writing isn’t your thing, but you like a good story, we’ve got you covered too. From serialised mafia-fantasy to ghostly short stories, historical fiction, comedy, adventure and more, there will be something for all tastes and fancies. All stories are written, edited, cursed at, cried on, re-written and posted by our talented Sentient Ink writers (so you know exactly who to blame) and we love to receive feedback and reviews on all our work.

Every week, we will be uploading a creative work, be it a short story, a chapter of a novel or novella or something a little different. And twice a week, a blog post will arrive for your pleasure and delectation. These will be the guides, the tips and the rules, and the tales and reminiscences of the Sentient Ink Writers. So read on, review, follow and enjoy.

Best wishes,

Chris Wright, Andy Wright and D.C. Ward.