The Bleak Streets of Carrada (Chapter 7) – Action/Thriller Series

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The gaming room glowed with a golden hue that sang of wealth and dishonest virtue. It was a modern Eden of earthly sin, and it called to Joe like a snake in the grass. He shook his head to clear the dazzle; he was mixing metaphors and planning bets his grandkids would be paying off. Men were made and broken as he watched, built up and torn down by a magnificent, remorseless beast. Heavenly angels made of temptation circled the floor with free booze that cost the world, and winks and smiles that redeemed it. Cards were dealt and wheels were spun. Men prayed in their Sunday best and thanked the Lord for the bounty he had bestowed, while beneath their tables, shattered things wept and scrambled for chips.

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The Bleak Streets of Carrada (Chapter 6) – Action/Thriller Series

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          Frank gazed at the streets out the auto window, rolled an inch for an engine-smoky breeze. They were his streets. And nice streets they were around Springrock. The kind of streets you retired too. Everyone was pals, saying good morning, good evening, good night. Frank made sure his men around here behaved well, got his money the right way. No one wanted these tree-sewn, flower-framed streets turning into Eastpoint in a hurry. The elite round here paid a lot of cash for Frankie’s guys to sweep the shit towards the darker corners of Carrada. The lazy, the retired, the filthy rich – good fucking clients. He was the one that made them happy here, made this place the paradise it was. He felt good about it.

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (Tales in the Ashes) – Writing Challenge

By D. C. Ward, Chris Wright and Andy Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01For all those new to the game, the three of us writers sit in a room with laptops on knees. We then find a website that generates a random genre and title, and off we go with fifteen minutes on the clock. This includes time to both plan and write, so not an easy task! So see how we got on, vote for your favourite, and even have a go yourself (remember to tell us how it went).

Random Genre: Sci-fi

Random Title: Tales in the Ashes

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (Silent Bridge) – Writing Challenge

By Andy Wright, D.C. Ward and Chris Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01One random genre, one random title, 15 minutes to plan and write some flash fiction. Read on to see how we got on in the third Fifteen Minute of Fiction Challenge. Once you have read our attempts feel free to like, comment and even vote for your favourite. You can even have a go yourself using our generated genre/title and let us know how you got on. So, without further ado, here’s ours our entries…

Random Genre: Horror

Random Title: Silent Bridge

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (Final Children) – Writing Challenge

By D.C. Ward, Chris Wright and Andy Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01The second Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge sees all three Sentient Ink authors pitted against each other for the first time. That’s three authors with only a randomly generated genre and title to prompt fifteen minutes of writing. The clock stops for nothing, so that’s planning, writing and any internet searches. Please let us know how you think we did by commenting or voting for your favourite.

Random Genre: Fantasy

Random Title: Final Children

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The Bleak Streets of Carrada (Chapter 5) – Action/Thriller Series

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The city lights danced past the windows, like fireflies flitting through the rain-soaked air. They caught and distorted in the droplets on the glass, their yellow glows bulging and dying. The city itself moved at a more sedate pace, wandering idly past the auto windows as if on an evening stroll, or in Carrada’s case, an evening prowl.

Joe leaned back in a seat pretending it was leather and passed the brim of his hat nervously through his hands as it balanced on his knee. Soft fingers clasped around his other hand and squeezed. He looked over and the breath fled his chest like a bank robber whose water gun just squirted. He remembered why he’d been looking out the window. When he looked at her, he couldn’t think; his mind turned to mush. He looked her over, trying to think what his mother could possibly find to criticise. He came up blank, but his ma was a pro.

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (The Cold Mists) – Writing Challenge

By Chris Wright and Andy Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01It’s time for the very first Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge! Two of our authors have taken on the task – to write a piece of (hopefully decent) fiction in just fifteen minutes; that’s planning, writing and all. Chris Wright and Andy Wright went to a random generator for a genre and a title and then had fifteen minutes to write whatever came to mind. So read on, let us know what you think and vote for your favourite.

Random Genre: Mystery

Random Title: The Cold Mists

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The Bleak Streets of Carrada (Chapter 4) – Action/Thriller Series

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The gentle hum of conversation welcomed Ray as the oak panel doors swung inwards to admit him. He strolled in with the bounce of a man who’d woken up to find Miss World blowing him. In fact, he had to make an effort not to hold his arms aloft like he’d knocked out the heavyweight champion. His smile faded a little as no one even spared him a second glance, but the rush of the heist would stay with him for a while yet.

“Move out of the fucking way,” a gravelly voice grunted and Ray was barrelled into from behind.

He flailed in vain to keep his feet but could not stop himself from stumbling into the nearest table, sending the drinks flying. The two men at the table looked ready for a fight before they saw the size of the intruder. A glance behind him was more than enough to dissuade them from taking any action, especially after Paul had ordered them a couple of drinks on him.

“Take it easy will you,” he said, once the drinks had been sorted. “We pulled off a good job; we didn’t win the fucking super bowl.”

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The Bleak Streets of Carrada (Chapter 3) – Action/Thriller Series

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A beam of light, busy with floating motes of dust and tobacco smoke, cut through the vintage orange and blue dartboard. The cork was old, faded and cracked, two darts planted in the left and centre of the triple twenty. A third dart with a hint of spin cut through the grey haze and found the right of the small orange section.

“One eighty, Boss.”

Frank’s wry grin pulled up the right side of his face, bending the dry whiskers of his thick and dusty moustache into his whisky veined nose. His eyes may have looked red and droopy, perhaps even unknowing, to anyone who saw him, but they were sharper than ever. So were his ears, his nose, his tongue and that brain of his too. That’s why he was The Boss. He replaced his now dartless right hand with the bloated torpedo cigar from his left. The movement made an ashy sprinkle fall through the sunlight.

Louis – his right hand guy, his adviser, his accountant – was a good guy, but a fucking little weasel of a guy. His nose was upturned like he was always sniffing for shit and his screwed up face made you think he’d found some. His thick specs glistened in the beam of light so there was no seeing beyond the white lenses as he fetched Frank’s darts.

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The Bleak Streets of Carrada (Chapter 2) – Action/Thriller Series

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Ray yanked up his coat collar as the howling wind bit into his neck. He squinted into the spitting rain while struggling to keep pace with his companion. It was a couple of hours before people would be getting out of work and the roads were quiet as few people braved the cold weather.

“Get your fucking hand away from your hip,” Paul said, startling Ray.

He quickly moved his hand away from the revolver, trying to remember what he usually did with his hands. His eyes twitched from side to side before landing on an auto hurtling by. They were still a rare thing in his neighbourhood, hell he could remember the first he’d ever seen. A sleek black thing that could barely go faster than he could walk and cost more than his Pa earned in a year. To his six year old eyes though, it was a thing of beauty. Whose it was he didn’t know, a wife of some stockbroker or banker that took a wrong turn he supposed, but later that day he’d seen Mike Stone’s older brother Ronnie racing down Stockdale Road.

“Keep your head straight,” Paul interrupted his train of thought. “You’re going to be meeting some important guys. Well, one important guy and one goon who knows important guys.”

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