1979* – Sci-fi Short Story

The spinning finally stopped and Jack was allowed to fall to the floor in peace. Marcus and Jenny kindly followed his lead, he assumed so he didn’t look quite so stupid. It was a kind gesture but when they also started moaning he started to feel like they were mocking him. Marcus leant to the side and threw up.

“Well,” Jack said, wobbling to his feet. “That went a lot better than expected.”

His friends both glared at him. “Better?” Jenny asked. “I suppose you were expecting our organs to actually spew from our mouths?”

“I was thinking it was more likely that we would be ripped to shreds and our atoms dispersed throughout the multiverse.”

“Seems like the type of thing you would mention before we agreed to come with you,” Marcus said.

“We were in a bit of a hurry.”

“Yet we had time to watch all three Back to the Future movies?” Jenny said.

“Crucial research. If you want to end up making out with your dad then so be it but if I’m going to travel back in time then I want to be prepared.”

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (Tales in the Ashes) – Writing Challenge

By D. C. Ward, Chris Wright and Andy Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01For all those new to the game, the three of us writers sit in a room with laptops on knees. We then find a website that generates a random genre and title, and off we go with fifteen minutes on the clock. This includes time to both plan and write, so not an easy task! So see how we got on, vote for your favourite, and even have a go yourself (remember to tell us how it went).

Random Genre: Sci-fi

Random Title: Tales in the Ashes

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The Coldsuit – Sci-fi Short Story

By Andy Wright Coldsuit-01

The glowing silver road beneath Orion’s feet was so smooth that he could almost slide from his home in Upper Thrace to the Lancer city hall. It was something he had attempted many times as a young child but, at the age of eleven, he forced himself to act like an adult. Winter was fast approaching and the evening air had a chill to it. The ground usually pulsed with a heat to accompany the ambient glow of light, but things like that had been failing lately. Blackouts were a common occurrence and, a few days earlier, the network of cars constantly whizzing by at break-neck speed had come to a shuddering halt. Lancer didn’t hum quite like it used to.

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