Sentient Ink Logo-01We have lots in store for you, coming soon on Sentient Ink so here’s a bit of a sneak preview of what you’ll see next.

Andy Wright on Characters. (28/01/15)

We explore how to take that brilliant character from in your mind and place them on the page, fleshed out and fully-formed. How do you distinguish them from other characters in the eye of the reader? How do you make them memorable, compelling and yet well-formed and true to life? Well, we have a couple of ideas.

The Bleak Streets of Carrada – Chapter 3. (Thursday 29/1/15)

Bleak Streets is back and this time through the eyes of Frank Bray, the third and final of the POV characters. D.C. Ward takes the helm here, telling of a mob boss with curious abilities and power: the reigning Don of Carrada. A thrilling mafia tale in an alternate United States of the 1920s. Chapters 1 and Chapter 2 are already up, in case you haven’t seen. I write the story of Joe Fortey, a rookie detective going up against the mob, while Andy Wright tells of Ray Moreno, an up and coming gangster in Frankie Bray’s criminal family. It is a story told from three points of view, each written by a different writer, but it is one plot, one story and the characters inter-weave integrally.

The Demons’ Cry – Chapter 4.

After that, we delve further into Amota’s monstrous interior, as Ryda finds himself drawn towards deadly conflict in chapter 4 of The Demons’ Cry, by yours truly. Here is sneak peek of what’s to come:

“Do you believe the stories? Demons in the forest?”

“They ain’t stories. They’re out there. But what kind of demon travels miles from its land? What kind of demon breaks into houses and takes people without a trace?”

“You think there’s more to it?”

“Mother Moon alone knows, but the answers are in the mountains. And people are going to keep disappearing until we find them.”

The old sheriff stared unflinchingly at Ryda with that way of his. He was challenging him to refute what he said, letting him come to his own conclusions. He was the only man Ryda had ever known who could win an argument without words or fists.

“You’re mad,” he said.

“And why’s that?” Tadoro asked.

“You want to go in, don’t you? Into the mountains. It’s lunacy. Only death awaits there.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

This brought Ryda up short. Had he misinterpreted? But no, of course. He laughed and the sheriff smiled along, though there was no jest about him.

“You want me to go into the mountains.”

Tadoro shrugged and downed the rest of his drink before knocking on the bar for another.

“It was a thought.”

“It’s suicide.”

Catch up with the story here: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

The Tale of Armless Tom.

A delightful song by D.C. Ward, written for his very own fantasy world. It will be rare for us to post poetry here on Sentient Ink but we like to dabble occasionally and we particularly like this little piece. There will also be lots more advice, articles and guides to writing coming your way very soon. And we’re thinking of adding a new segment: a ‘What we’re reading’ section to discuss what words are currently flashing past the eyes of our writers. Tell us what you think, if you’d like to see such a thing. It may be of interest to those looking for something to read, if they are mad enough to want to read anything other than that written by our staff writers, that is.

Want to Read Something Now?

Before these works hit your screen, why not have a look at what we already have on offer. There’s the aforementioned serials The Demons’ Cry and The Bleak Streets of Carrada, two writing aids you can find on our articles page, and also two short stories:

The Coldsuit

“It’s how it’s always been…The humans do the work and the ectos protect us from the coldsuits.” The people of Lancer have long lived in fear of what lies beyond the city’s shield. But when the shield falls, Orion comes face to face with his worst nightmare. A thrilling sc-fi short story from Andy Wright.


Carol has been fed up with the mundanity of her marriage for some years. When her selfish exploits lead to the death of her husband, her guilt becomes too much to bear and she begins to feel the burning, accusatory eyes of everyone around her. She loved her husband and never meant to hurt him, but now, it seems, he wants to hurt her. In this psychological horror by D. C. Ward, the house of a once content marriage becomes a living nightmare.

Sentient Ink Art.

And one final, important word. You may have noticed the wonderful custom thumbnails that accompany our stories. They are fantastic pieces of art and they, along with our logo, header and the overall design of the site, are all the work and artistry of the marvellous, muse-stalked mind of Susan Brigham. Check out more of her work around the site if you like things that are good. That’s all for now, see you Tuesday.

By Chris Wright.


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