Here’s what’s live and coming soon on Sentient Ink…

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Sentient Ink is now almost two months old and we have some great stories, articles and reviews up for you. Read on to see what’s new…

One of our launch titles, the thrilling science fiction short story ‘The Coldsuit’ now has a brand new thumbnail courtesy of Doesshenow. Give the story a read here.


 Our two serial features are also well under way.

The Bleak Streets of Carrada

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With five chapters live on the website, and a sixth on its way, the action and suspense is really heating up, and soon readers will have a clearer understanding of why this a GANGSTER FANTASY and not just your typical thriller. For those of you who don’t know, this is about three characters:

Joe – a cop given the chance to investigate the ruthless mob that plagues his hometown.

Ray – a new grunt in the gang, who’s trying to climb his way up the ranks.

Frank – a.k.a. The Boss. He has a secret weapon that keep him on the throne and the rest of Carrada on its hands and knees.

Catch up here.

The Demons’ Cry


Chris Wright’s epic fantasy, which sees a mysterious protagonist exploring the demon-haunted new world of Amota.

Catch up here.

Fifteen Minute Fiction

The first two posts of our newest feature – Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge – are up here and here.

These challenges see the Sentient Ink authors pitted against each other with a randomly generated genre and title, and 15 minute on the clock. See how we get on, let us know what you think, vote for your favourite and maybe even try it yourself; we’d love to see some responses.

On Reading

We also launched ‘On Reading’ where the Sentient Ink authors review what they have been reading. A popular segment, both Patrick Rothfuss and Mark Lawrence gave their approval of our reviews. We are still waiting to hear from JRR Tolkien though.

Mark Lawrence Rothfuss

 And here is what’s coming soon on Sentient Ink:

The Demons’ Cry – Chapter 5

The Demons make their presence felt as Ryda finds himself drawn inexorably towards the horrors of Amota’s Forested Mountains.

The Bleak Streets of Carrada – Chapter 6

Frankie Bray thinks he has the edge in his control of the city. He has found a new tool to protect his treasured secret weapon. But there are eyes on him and things just might not go entirely his own way.


Andy Wright explores Edgar Allen Poe’s mysterious death and after-death in this upcoming thriller.


Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (3 and 4)

On Reading: The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett

On Reading: Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

On Reading: His Dark Materials.

On Writing: Creating a database for your fantasy epic.

On Writing: A short guide to making your sword fighting scenes more realistic.

And much more.

If you want to be kept abreast of the goings on around here, you can follow us via WordPress, email or via social media on Twitter.


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