Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (Ending the Immortals) – Writing Challenge

sentient ink fifteen minute fiction writing challenge

Welcome to another round of the dreaded Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge. One random genre, one random title and fifteen minutes on the clock to plan, write and edit a piece of flash fiction. How did we do? Let us know… Had a go yourself? Tell us how you got on.

Random Genre: Superhero

Random Title: Ending the Immortals


Ending the Immortals, by Chris Wright

Tucked away in the dust and cobwebs of a forgotten old basement, breathing low, perfectly still like a startled spider, it did not feel like a great plot. It did not feel like the beginning of something new. He shook his head and put such thoughts from his mind, focusing again on the street above him and the faraway sound that would signal his cue. Forever he waited, his huge hand pressed ready against the jagged rock of the basement wall. It was an unassuming thing – white paint on brick, but beyond it stood a cliff – one of the eternal cliffs, upon which sat a temple of the Immortals.

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (The First Prophecy) – Writing Challenge

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It is time for another patented Sentient Ink Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge. For those who haven’t seen our previous efforts, in Fifteen Minute Fiction, the Sentient Ink authors get fifteen minutes to write a piece of flash fiction. But that’s not all. The genre and title are randomly generated and we have to write a story around them. So read on, vote for your favourite, tell us what you think and, hey, why not give it a go yourself.

Random Genre: Urban Fantasy

Random Title: The First Prophecy

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (Tales in the Ashes) – Writing Challenge

By D. C. Ward, Chris Wright and Andy Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01For all those new to the game, the three of us writers sit in a room with laptops on knees. We then find a website that generates a random genre and title, and off we go with fifteen minutes on the clock. This includes time to both plan and write, so not an easy task! So see how we got on, vote for your favourite, and even have a go yourself (remember to tell us how it went).

Random Genre: Sci-fi

Random Title: Tales in the Ashes

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (Silent Bridge) – Writing Challenge

By Andy Wright, D.C. Ward and Chris Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01One random genre, one random title, 15 minutes to plan and write some flash fiction. Read on to see how we got on in the third Fifteen Minute of Fiction Challenge. Once you have read our attempts feel free to like, comment and even vote for your favourite. You can even have a go yourself using our generated genre/title and let us know how you got on. So, without further ado, here’s ours our entries…

Random Genre: Horror

Random Title: Silent Bridge

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (Final Children) – Writing Challenge

By D.C. Ward, Chris Wright and Andy Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01The second Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge sees all three Sentient Ink authors pitted against each other for the first time. That’s three authors with only a randomly generated genre and title to prompt fifteen minutes of writing. The clock stops for nothing, so that’s planning, writing and any internet searches. Please let us know how you think we did by commenting or voting for your favourite.

Random Genre: Fantasy

Random Title: Final Children

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Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (The Cold Mists) – Writing Challenge

By Chris Wright and Andy Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01It’s time for the very first Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge! Two of our authors have taken on the task – to write a piece of (hopefully decent) fiction in just fifteen minutes; that’s planning, writing and all. Chris Wright and Andy Wright went to a random generator for a genre and a title and then had fifteen minutes to write whatever came to mind. So read on, let us know what you think and vote for your favourite.

Random Genre: Mystery

Random Title: The Cold Mists

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