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Sentient Ink has launched and we’ve done it with a veritable tsunami of fantastical tales. Well, three. But they’re good ones and there is so much more to come. So without further ado, the Sentient Ink writers are proud to present:

The Demons’ Cry

The first two chapters of Chris Wright’s fantasy novella. A broken hero with a tragic past flees everything he knows as he sails for the new world. The continent of Amota is hostile and untamed and, every day, people are disappearing from the new colony upon it. With little else to live for, our hero joins a brave posse heading into the mountains against the monsters and mysteries of Amota. Demons are battled within and without and a young girl might just be the key to conquering them both.


Carol has been fed up with the mundanity of her marriage for some years. When her selfish exploits lead to the death of her husband, her guilt becomes too much to bear and she begins to feel the burning, accusatory eyes of everyone around her. She loved her husband and never meant to hurt him, but now, it seems, he wants to hurt her. In this psychological horror by D. C. Ward, the house of a once content marriage becomes a living nightmare.

The Coldsuit

“It’s how it’s always been…The humans do the work and the ectos protect us from the coldsuits.”

The people of Lancer have long lived in fear of what lies beyond the city’s shield. But when the shield falls, Orion comes face to face with his worst nightmare. A thrilling sc-fi short story from Andy Wright.

Coming soon on Sentient Ink:

The Bleak Streets of Carrada

An epic collaborative project from all the Sentient Ink writers, we follow a mob boss, a detective and a young criminal working his way up the ranks. Frankie Bray has something; something that gives him an edge. It’s where he gets his power, his fight, that look in his eye like he knows what you’re thinking, and he will do anything to keep it. Detective Joe Forney wants nothing more than to take it from him and end his reign over Carrada’s streets but he will have to battle every made guy, goon, crooked cop and useless politician to do it. Ray Moreno is just starting out. A heist gives him his in and now he must climb the greasy pole to the top while trying to stay alive.


A chilling tale from D.C. Ward with Chris Wright. The perfect little girl, the perfect little life. A house by a lake with her loving, if overbearing mother. But ghosts of the past are stirring. New truths are coming to light as the frozen lake begins to whisper its secrets. Perhaps all is not so perfect after all.


A week after leaving his Virginia home for New York, Edgar Allen Poe turned up delirious on the streets of Baltimore in clothes that were not his own. He survived for four more days but was never coherent enough to explain his circumstances beyond the name “Reynolds”. In this absorbing historical tale, Andy Wright explores the master of the macabre’s final hours and days, as well as the mysterious ‘Poe Toaster’ who gifted three roses and a bottle of cognac to the great man’s grave on the anniversary of his death for seventy years.


More adventures from the dangerous lands of Amota in The Demons’ Cry.

The Tale of Armless Tom: a lyrical melody from D.C. Ward’s own fantasy series Watching Shadows.

Bosworth: An action-packed short story from Andy Wright from the field of battle in Bosworth, 1485.

And much more….

Next up: The Bleak Streets of Carrada, Chapter 1.

By Chris Wright


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