Summer Update!

Sentient Ink Logo-01It’s been awhile since our last update, and exciting things are coming, so here is a run-down of what’s happening and what’s coming up on Sentient Ink.

Our Serial Novels.

For the uninitiated, we currently have two novels that we are serialising periodically here on Sentient Ink.

The first, The Bleak Streets of Carrada, is a collaboration between all three resident authors (D.C. Ward, Andy Wright and Chris Wright) and tells the story of a Jazz age city, corrupted by organised crime and under the fist of mafiosa kingpin Frankie Bray. A noir, urban-fantasy piece, it follows three characters, each written by a different author. Frankie is the don, the Godfather with an iron will and a secret weapon that gives him the edge – somehow, he always seems to know what’s coming for him. Joe is a rookie detective from the mean streets, who hates the mob and what it has done to his town, and is determined to find Frankie’s secret and bring him down. Ray is an up-and-comer in the mob, desperate to prove himself and ascend the ranks after a chance job gets him his in.

The Bleak Streets of Carrada is back! Chapter 7 will be live within the week and regular (or at least semi-regular) updates should follow. Next up – Joe on the casino floor, digging for information under the nose of the big guy himself.

The Demons’ Cry should also be back shortly with chapter 6 and the fallout from the cliff-hanger ending of the previous instalment. The Demons’ Cry follows a mysterious traveller, Ryda, who leaves everything he has known for the dangerous shores of a new world. His past weighs heavily on his shoulders and the demon-infested mountains draw him inexorably in, as the deaths pile up in the colonies of Amota.

New non-fiction content

Those who follow the website may have noticed that we have stepped up our writing guides and book reviews in recent months and we have also added new content and features. We currently have two character profiles under our collective belt (Severus Snape and Tyrion Lannister), and we are going to continue taking in-depth looks at characters, stories, tropes and the writing process.

Sentient Ink is a writer’s website, but that goes hand in hand with reading and, going forward, we are going to be delving into what it is that makes us love, hate and engage with characters, stories, plots and worlds. We have already started this with ‘Why We Love Fantasy’ and ‘Top Five Most Anticipated Fantasy Novels of 2015’, and we will soon look at our favourite magic systems and creatures, and what makes them work.

In our writing guides, we have also been looking at common mistakes and misconceptions around writing terms and concepts. We have already dealt with run-on sentences and the Oxford comma and, coming up, we will take swing at ‘and me or and I?’, active/passive voice, show not tell, the correct use of apostrophes and more.


Of course, above all else, we are writers and fiction is our bread and butter, our fondest love, our passion and raison d’etre. We like it is what I’m saying. Fifteen Minute Fiction made a welcome return this month and we will continue to periodically put ourselves through that peculiar heavenly hell of having to plan and write a story based on a randomly generated title and genre all within fifteen minutes.

You have seen excerpts from Chris and Andy Wright’s respective novels and you may just get a taste of D.C. Ward’s own fantasy world. And there are also more one-shot short stories and flash fiction to come, including a first time effort from Chris Wright and perhaps a stray or two away from our fantasy comfort zone.

And so much more

This and so much more is coming soon, free of charge and glad of spirit, to the pages of Sentient Ink. We have all been reading and so more book reviews will be heading your way; more guides to grammar, punctuation and writing; more chapters; more challenges; more in-depth looks at characters and plots; and more original Sentient Ink fiction.

There is a lot to be excited about at Sentient Ink so, if you want to stay in touch, please subscribe to us either via WordPress or email and follow us on twitter @Sentient_Ink. Comment below to let us know what you are looking forward to or give us any feedback on what we do here. We are all still finding our way along this writing journey so any and all is appreciated.

If there is anything you would like us to cover in terms of writing guides (any grammar, form or punctuation that you could never quite wrap your head around) let us know in the comments and, if there is a book or series you would like reviewing, drop us a line and we will see if any of the writers have read it. Thanks for reading.

By Chris Wright


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