Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge (Silent Bridge) – Writing Challenge

By Andy Wright, D.C. Ward and Chris Wright

Sentient Ink Logo-01One random genre, one random title, 15 minutes to plan and write some flash fiction. Read on to see how we got on in the third Fifteen Minute of Fiction Challenge. Once you have read our attempts feel free to like, comment and even vote for your favourite. You can even have a go yourself using our generated genre/title and let us know how you got on. So, without further ado, here’s ours our entries…

Random Genre: Horror

Random Title: Silent Bridge

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Guilty – Horror Short Story

By D.C. Ward

Gulty Thumbnail-01

Carol has been fed up with the mundanity of her marriage for some years. When her selfish exploits lead to the death of her husband, her guilt becomes too much to bear and she begins to feel the burning, accusatory eyes of everyone around her. She loved her husband and never meant to hurt him, but now, it seems, he wants to hurt her. In this psychological horror by D. C. Ward, the house of a once content marriage becomes a living nightmare.

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