The Ice Dragon, by George R. R. Martin – Review

This is a short story by the author of the masterful, sensational, beautiful A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series, made even more popular by the very much worthy A Game of Thrones television series on HBO and Sky Atlantic. Following the dramatic conclusion of Season 5 with the episode Mother’s Mercy, I have decided to review the short and delightful story Martin wrote for younger viewers (though oddly there’s still people burnt to cinders and with limbs hewn off). Though I must stress this is not a companion to A Song of Ice and Fire (though set in ‘Westeros’ it is in fact a different fantasy world).

The story is very short and simple, but also very elegant and sweet. In it, we follow a girl called Adara through the early years of her life.

She is a bit of an outcast: an unusual child with an affiliation for the cold of winter. Her past is quite solemn and it appears her future is too. Befriending an ice dragon, a creature that is an ill omen to everyone but Adara, brings excitement and wonder to her life, and soon she finds herself playing a part in ousting the darkness that shaded the future of her and her family.

It is, despite its appearances, a warm tale, and the ending will bring a smile to your face (unlike A Song of Ice and Fire and A Game of Thrones).

A RRP of £12.99 (UK) is too much money for such a short story of any quality, but certainly worth it if you are also a collector of books or a die-hard fan of A Song of Ice and Fire/ A Game of Thrones. Mainly because The Ice Dragon looks fantastic – not only on its cover, but with the splendid, black and white illustrations of Luis Royo on most of the pages.

This is as much enjoyment as I have ever taken from a story so short, but only if you are also allured by the aesthetic qualities of The Ice Dragon, then your money should perhaps be saved for The Winds of Winter.

By D. C. Ward

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