The Augustine Bells – Fantasy Poem

Today on Sentient Ink, something a little different. Following on from D.C. Ward’s Tale of Armless Tom, here is a poem of my own from my fantasy universe. A well-known ditty, it tells the story of the Augustine Bells, which act as a call to arms for all who are loyal to the Aurelians and Aurelia, the militarised realm they rule, charged with defending the empire.

 The Augustine Bells:

By Ancus Novian

 Sound the bells, the Augustine bells,

That stir the heavens and stun the hells,

‘tis the musical backdrop to empires felled,
To pirates defeated, to uprisings quelled,

They’ve rung out their message, struck terror, appeased,

The cruellest of warlords from Wuck to Lapis

It started with folly in Aurelian seas,

Banshans plundering just as they pleased,

They tickled and prodded the Aurelian beast,

Which smashed their armies with Aurelian ease,

King Gordus the fool and his charlatan priest,

Were usurped, overthrown, their great bells were seized,

Now the sound of those bells gifts and imparts,

Hope to friendly and like-minded hearts,

They lend courage and faith and strengthen the hand,

Of every Aurelian and virtuous man,

While their foes sit and quiver on hearing the sound,

The fear of Bellius, in their breasts abound,

Now the bells ring again and truly confound,

Any purpose or strength that evil has found

The bells, the bells, a lion’s roar,
Let them rile your support or surrender for,

The armies muster, the navies unmoor,
That defend our people and guard our shore,

They face the enemy and weapons draw,
Prepare to fight the good fight once more,

So put up your swords and watch in awe,
For wise men yield when Aurelia goes to war.

By Chris Wright

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